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Alpha Tile and Olympia Tile supply the United States, the Caribbean and Canada with the enduring charm and beauty of ceramic tile and natural stones. You will find unparalleled selection and service. We keep our modern warehouses filled with a broad and deep inventory of exciting tile choices, ensuring you prompt and dependable service. Come in and inspect them all; plan and order in an atmosphere of beauty, comfort, and efficiency.

Alpha Tile & Stone is a division of Olympia Tile USA, Inc. We have distribution centers in four Florida cities along with Western New York, New Jersey, Michigan, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, Nebraska, Oregon and Washington State.

Olympia Tile USA, Inc is a wholly owned subsidiary of Olympia Tile International, which is the largest distributor of tile and stone in Canada with locations from coast to coast. The Olympia Tile Group has 50 distribution, showrooms and manufacturing facilities in North America occupying overall greater than 4.2 million square feet of warehousing to accommodate the most comprehensive range of products and the largest supply-ready inventories

As a group, The Olympia group is one of the largest importers of tile & stone in North America for wholesale distribution. At any time our inventory levels stand at between 50 to 60 million square feet of tile and stone.

Besides being the leader in the Importing of Tile and Stone, we also have three related manufacturing facilities in North America.

We look at Tile and Stone not as floor or wall covering material, but as a fashion industry for the development, office towers, hotels, schools, or homes. Tile and Stone have become the number one fashion items for the construction industry in North America. It is the single largest viewed product in any project today.

The Olympia Group (Alpha Tile & Stone) never stops the development of our range of products; we continually travel the four corners of the earth in search of new trends, fashion items and technologically superior products. Trade shows are not enough, we feel you must source products in the actual countries of production, visiting the production facilities and quarries, securing the best products the markets have to offer.

Mission Statement

Our mission statement is to provide you, the Architect, Designer, Developer, Contractor, Builder, School Boards and Dealers the Best Quality Products at the Best Price Points with the Best Service Available within the industry. We specialize in new construction, renovation, value engineering of products, and providing Eco-friendly Green products.

Alpha Tile… Elegant Materials… Superior Service.

Showroom Locations
With 4 locations in Florida, there is bound to be one close to you.